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Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Diabetes Research and Policy

Software development for diabetics

Educational tools for diabetics

In order to help both diabetic and non-diabetics understand the fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels, the factors affecting these concentrations, and the physiological implications, Dr. Ali Cinar and his research team have been developing dynamic simulation software to model these levels. Users provide the information and can determine how different nutritional choices and physical activities affect their glucose levels. The software, called GlucoSim, is freely available over the internet to be used by educators and newly-diagnosed people with diabetes as they try to become familiar with influences on glucose concentrations.

Future glucose concentration estimation

Determining glucose levels is crucial for diabetics and optimal insulin administration and the prevention of hyperglycemia depend upon obtaining accurate figures in real time. Unfortunately, any test will not reflect current values. By modeling an individual’s glucose levels over time and applying recursive linear models, Dr. Ali Cinar and his research team are working to establish software that can be used to continuously provide individual glucose value predictions. These future predictions will allow the individual or pump to optimize insulin infusion rates and will protect against hyperglycemic episodes.


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