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Research Experience: Undergraduates

Applications for 2015 Summer Engineering Research Experiences in Diabetes for Undergraduates are now available at the link below. Applications are due March 1, 2015. For any questions, please contact Professor Eric Brey at

Please note that all application materials, including letters of recommendation, should be sent to the address listed in the REU application, and not to the address on the left hand side of this page.

Download 2015 REU in Diabetes for Undergraduates Application Form. (Applications are due March 1, 2015.)

The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at the Illinois Institute for Technology is a 10 week program for undergraduate students from around the country who have completed at least their 2nd year in a science or engineering field. The program is sponsored by the Biomedical Engineering Program at IIT and The Engineering Center for Diabetes Research and Education (ECDRE). Each student chooses a project relating to diabetes and will be guided by an engineering mentor at IIT. The objectives of the program are to train undergraduates in basic research through challenging diabetes-related engineering projects performed with research mentors from IIT, expose them to the broader health implications of their research with lectures from clinical experts and tours of clinical facilities and integrate ethics discussion and training into all aspects of the student experience.

Featured Student:
Alyssa Rosenzweig

Featured Student: Alyssa Rosenzweig Allyssa is currently a junior engineering student at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is majoring in computer science and psychology. She was selected for IIT's 2007 Summer Engineering Research Experiences in Diabetes for Undergraduates Program. Full profile»

The types of projects that students can be involved in include a wide variety of topics such as biomaterials for islet encapsulation, software models of glucose metabolism, medical imaging techniques for prognosis/diagnosis, tissue regeneration strategies for the treatment of ulcers and ischemic limbs, vascular changes in diabetes retinopathy, complications of thrombosis in islet cell transplantation, and many other topics. Students also have the opportunity to work at Chicago-Kent College of Law with law professors on policy issues related to diabetes research, diagnostics, and treatment.

The program has weekly seminars for the students to introduce them to healthcare in diabetes and ethical practices in research. The healthcare seminars are taught by physicians from the University of Chicago, clinicians, and researchers. The ethics seminars are taught by IIT’s Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions and law professors from Chicago-Kent College of Law. National Science Foundation

The REU program is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation. There are three programs sponsored by the REU program: NSF Scholars, Ross Scholars, and REU Pipeline Scholars. NSF Scholars are those students who are not from IIT and have completed their sophomore year. Ross Scholars are those students from IIT who have completed their sophomore year. REU pipeline Scholars are current first year undergraduate students from underrepresented minority groups. Participating students receive a stipend, room and board (NSF Scholars and REU pipeline program), and reimbursement of travel expenses to and from Chicago.

Click here to read about Jessica Martinez, a 2008 REU Summer student who participated in an Engineering Research in Diabetes program coordinated by IIT's Department of Biomedical Engineering in collaboration with the IIT Engineering Center for Diabetes Research and Education.

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