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Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Diabetes Research and Policy

Diabetics and human research

Of paramount importance in the war against diabetes is ensuring access to research tools and access to appropriate diabetes technologies. New diagnostics, prevention strategies, drugs, devices and other therapeutics require human subject testing, creating the need to ensure that people who participate in research studies, including genetics based studies, are protected. Protocols involving human subjects have had to be stopped when the adverse effects were too great. Recent court cases as well as proposed actions by government agencies have raised doubts about how well current protections actually work. Biomedical researchers claim to need a never ending supply of human tissue and frequently of medical records associated with the tissue to conduct research. Yet this research might violate the privacy rights of people or go against the uses of their tissue that they would consent to.

Researchers at the Institute for Science, Law and Technology at IIT, a part of the diabetes initiative, undertake research on these issues and propose policy changes that will encourage appropriate research to be undertaken while providing necessary protections to human subjects.

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