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Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Diabetes Research and Policy

Social institutions and the criminal justice system

The Health & Disability Legal Clinic provides advice, referrals, and representation for people with diabetes who experience discrimination by social institutions or in connection with the criminal justice system. The American with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) requires public entities and places of public accommodation to make reasonable modifications to programs, policies and services in order to avoid unfairly limiting a disabled person’s ability to enjoy, benefit from or participate in these programs or activities. When a person with diabetes is denied the right to fully benefit from or participate in a public program or service, legal advocacy and/or litigation may be required to force compliance with the ADA.

Individuals with diabetes who are involved in the criminal justice system are also entitled to fair and non-discriminatory treatment and management of their condition. The Health & Disability Legal Clinic investigates situations in which inmates with diabetes are not receiving appropriate medical management of their medical condition and is able to explore and advocate for individual solutions and group reform on behalf of inmates and detainees with diabetes.

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