This website is no longer being updated. The content is available for archival purposes only and should not be relied on. The Center for Diabetes Research and Policy is no longer operational.

Illinois Institute of Technology Center for Diabetes Research and Policy

About the Center for Diabetes Research and Policy

IIT's Center for Diabetes Research and Policy combines the research strengths of Illinois Institute of Technology's department of biomedical engineering with the legal expertise of Chicago-Kent College of Law. IIT researchers affiliated with the CDRP use engineering techniques to develop treatment modalities for diabetes and its many complications and to advance diabetes prevention strategies. CDRP policy experts develop overall recommendations on facilitating access to treatment, insurance coverage and related government benefits, and examine the conflicts that arise among the competing interests of diabetes researchers, research institutions, patients, pharmaceutical companies, and the public health community. On the legal front, the CDRP facilitates pro bono legal representation for individuals or groups of individuals who are denied access to medical treatment for diabetes and diabetes-related illnesses or who face discrimination in schools and employment.

The faces of diabetes work at IIT

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